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Caroline Williams Counselling NZ

Zoom and In-Person Counselling in Christchurch

My Specializations

Caroline Williams offers counselling services for a range of mental health issues. Her areas of expertise include:

Adult ADHD & ADD

Attachment Issues

Non Traditional Relationships

Trauma and PTSD

Anxiety & Depression

Substance Use and Misuse

Stress & Burnout

Eating Disorders & Body Dysmorphia


Meet Caroline

Caroline Williams is a professional therapist specializing in ADHD/ADD, anxiety, depression, stress and burnout, trauma and PTSD, substance use and misuse, disordered eating and body dysmorphia. Caroline is passionate about helping her clients live happy and fulfilling lives. She is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment where clients can explore their feelings and work through their challenges.


What Clients Say

Caroline helped me greatly through a number of issues throughout the years. I have struggled with anxiety, depression, eating disorders and more. Caroline aided me through extremely difficult times, and provided personalised care. She supported me through my ADHD diagnosis, and gave me the confidence to own my diagnosis’s, instead of feeling overwhelmed by them. The tools I have learnt in my sessions have continued to help me for years after, and I will use her guidance for the rest of my life.


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