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Victim Support


If you are reading this page, it is most likely that your life has been shockingly impacted by major crime/crisis and you are taking the steps to reach out and find support.

Often individuals and families feel bewildered by such experiences – unsure of how to go about addressing these life altering incidents and restore balance in their lives.

Everyone responds to trauma differently and experiences vary –


Symptoms can include:

  • Inability to trust others, resulting in isolation and withdrawal

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Feeling uncomfortable in social situations

  • Abuse of drugs/substances

  • Recurring trauma-related thoughts interfering with everyday life

Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation if you want to:

  • Work through the trauma and regain normal functioning

  • Rebuild relationships and connections

  • Work through issues of anger, guilt, shame and isolation

  • Help children and young adults understand what has happened and heal

  • Navigate the legal system/media

  • Rebuild a meaningful life

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