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Here you will find a list of my specialties & a run down of what to expect when starting therapy. I know the feeling at beginning to talk to someone you don't know about things that make you feel uneasy, sad, angry, confronting, or embarrassed can be frightening, but I want to reassure you that this process is there to help you develop & become the best version of yourself.

There is no part of you that is not welcome in therapy, not even the parts that are awkward to discuss!

Adult ADHD/ ADD: 

Working with issues from executive functioning problems, social anxiety, shame or rejection, procrastination, burnout, sleep and self care. Looking at both historic underpinnings and practical strategies.

Trauma and PTSD:

(domestic violence, abuse, attachment, narcissistic abuse) I work from a trauma informed framework helping you understand the "what ,why and way forward " but also create changes in your emotional, psychological and behavioural life. My methods include CBT, DBT and somatic/nervous system work.


Substance misuse disorder & disordered eating: 

Substance use falls on a continuum of severity. With 20 years of professional experience I offer support with screening,  tools for change and changing the underpinning cycles that keep you stuck in a coping strategy that's creating more pain than safety.


Anxiety, Depression & Stress: 

We will look at the factors which drive these responses, what keeps you stuck ,your strengths and create a pathway forward which incorporates non medical or medical frameworks.


Attachment issues and wounding: 

Understanding your map of attachment and how it's playing out in your life can help you create change. Healing historic attachment wounding and discovering new patterns. I work with traditional and non traditional relationship dynamics.

Session Options 

  • Phone and Zoom sessions available.

  • Physical sessions are run in Riccarton, Christchurch NZ

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