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Sleep, Hormones & Nutrition.

Often people come to me struggling to juggle the demands of family, children, working, relationships, hormonal changes and the onslaught of social expectations.

Many of the symptoms people talk about are:

  • Tired but wired due to sleep issues

  • Poor general health

  • Adrenal fatigue

  • Mood swings and eating problems

  • Hormonal and menstrual issues

The following resources provide information on these issues but also explores the important link between our physical and emotional wellbeing as the core foundations of health.

Mood & Food – The Missing Link - How your food is affecting your moods


Anxiety & Stress


We often forget the balancing act that constantly happens in our body with the interaction of hormone balance and anxiety. Could your hormones be part of the picture? The early signs of menopause can often be mistaken for mood swings or anxiety and this link from Dr Libby Weaver sheds light on this issue. What is menopause or perimenopause?


Sleep and Stress

Lack of sleep can create a multitude of issues and exacerbate already present anxiety, depression etc. The ultimate guide to a great nights sleep can be the beginning of creating change.

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