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Focus On Adolescents & Families

Being and parent or adolescent has its challenges and at times can seem overwhelming with no light at the end of the tunnel. Families often feel trapped in a negative cycle of yelling and silent treatment with everyone impacted and stuck.


I might be able to help you and your child through a difficult time or overcome a specific issue. I can treat children, adolescents, parents, caregivers and families who are going through a wide range of psychiatric and emotional difficulties not easily addressed by other methods of treatment.

  • Depression, loss or bereavement

  • Anxiety, depression

  • Addiction, substance abuse ( adolescent or family)

  • Eating disorders/self-harming behaviours

  • Developmental disorders (ADHD)

  • Children suffering from abuse, neglect or deprivation

I have worked with families struggling through separation, divorce and trauma to develop strategies to move forward. This may include Family Court applications, legal support recommendations, support groups and parenting orders

Adolescents can often struggle with anxiety and depression in the changing and challenging teens years, with expert support and therapy, I can assist your adolescent and family navigate these more smoothly. Utilising a mix of cognitive behavioural and DBT – with resources, web links and external supports.

With a substantial background of over 15 years in addictions and family therapy (including Capri Clinic as Head Therapist) I can support your child or family through the impacts of addictions or substance abuse in a confidential and supportive environment.

Sessions will incorporate family/support/ Whanau, along with individual sessions addressing not just the individuals recovery but encouraging  support and/or change within the family system.

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